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Here you can choose the category of the problem you're facing and according to the situation we will inform your rights.

Our Step by Step:

1. Know your rigths

Find legal information about your problem!

2. Make an agreement proposal

The platform will help you get in contact with the company to which you are poposing and agreement.

3. Negotiation

You and the company can make proposals and negotiate something good for both. Nesta etapa a prestadora de serviços pode aceitar ou não as propostas.

4. Agreement accepted

If your agreement is accepted, you and the Company digitally sign the agreement.

5. Rejected agreement

Don't be sad! You still have two ways to resolve your conflict with our support:

- Request a petition or

- Talk to a specialist lawyer.

The platform was developed for you!


You can find information about your rights in a variety of situations. Plus you can solve problems online faster than you would through the conventional method.


By joining the Platform you are connected to clients in your area of ​​expertise.


The platform helps in cost reduction with legal advice, in addition to saving time.